What you'll need before you install Windows 10 on your Mac

Boot Camp will then ask to confirm that you want to continue, since your flash drive will be formatted to FAT and everything on it will be deleted.

When the process is finished it should take less than 10 minutes , open your flash drive to check that the files have been copied over. It should look something like what's in the screenshot below. Now that you're finished with the Windows 10 installer, it's time to create a separate partition on your hard drive to run Windows 10 on.

Luckily, you can easily create this partition using Boot Camp Assistant as well.

How To Install (Dual Boot) Windows + Mac Os (High Sierra) On Laptop Or PC --Dual Booting

This time, instead of checking the top two boxes when selecting tasks, just check the box next to "Install Windows 7 or later version" and hit "Continue. On the next window, you'll be asked to select the size of the partition for Windows. While you can choose any size, Apple recommends anything above 30 GB if you're installing Windows for the first time, or 40 GB if you're updating Windows.

I'll be selecting 50 GB just to be safe.

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and macOS Sierra on PC - Hackintosh

Once you're ready to create the partition, click on "Install. Once your Mac boots up, your screen will show a Windows logo; just wait a few minutes while it loads.

Dual Boot Windows 10 and Mac OS on PC without Erasing Windows

This can be done when your original Windows drive is not formatted for GPT. If it is, then you can follow the steps described in this article to do a dual-boot on a shared drive.

Hackintosh Dual Boot Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra (Same Drive)

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Hot Tips. All Rights Reserved. Back up: The next important step is to back up. It's always wise to make sure you back up your Mac before you do anything like this, just in case it all goes horribly wrong.

Dual Boot Windows 10 and Mac OS on PC without Erasing Windows

We show you how to create a backup of your Mac here. We also have this guide to using Time Machine , which is Apple's provided software for backing up. Be prepared to wipe everything: If you are in an older version of macOS or even Mac OS X, when you partition your Mac you will have to completely wipe it! If you want to keep your current work, you need to create a backup of your Mac and ensure it will fit on your smaller partitioned drive. There are alternatives: If wiping your Mac sounds like too much hassle to you, you could try installing the alternate version of MacOS on an external hard drive instead.

We show you how here: How to run macOS from an external hard drive. So, you want to run two versions of the macOS operating system on your Mac. Your method will depend on which version of macOS you are already running on your Mac. APFS has a number of advantages a key one being Space Sharing, which makes it possible to share the available space between the different volumes on your disk - so more space can be made available at anytime, rather than being assigned to the volume when it is created, as is the case with a partition.

So, if you are using APFS you can create a volume as we will show you below, and then just install the new version of the operating system on that volume.

You won't need to reformat anything.