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Each template includes a storyboard and shot list, titles, effects and transitions, and a soundtrack -- so all you do is drag videos and photos into the template and click play. Share or export: To show off your finished work, you can share to iTunes, export as a QuickTime file, or publish to a video site, such as YouTube.

Intended for the theatre: Many of the movie themes and trailers have a cinematic feel. If you are looking to create something less artistic -- say, for a classroom project -- you may have to do a bit of shoehorning to get it to fit your style. Read the help files: You can certainly jump in and start building a movie.

But iMovie is not as obvious to figure out as you'd expect from an Apple app, so glancing through iMovie's help files before you start may save you some time. With iMovie's cinematic templates, Apple helps you along, but if you want something less theatrical, you may need to improvise a bit. I have used every version of iMovie since its inception. Each new version took some getting used to, but each one was an improvement over the last, with the exception of the latest version iMovie 10 which was released in I haven't been able to work with the latest version at all, in spite of considerable time and effort spent trying to make it work.

Upon upgrading, iMovie 10 offers to import all iMovie clips, including those from external hard drives into one place on the main computer. Of course there is not enough room on any computer for the amount of video I have.

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So clips must be imported manually one at a time. This leads to more problems because the library system in the new version is not as functional. The main problem with the new version is that the project is part of the clip, not the other way around.

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This renders the software completely useless for anyone creating anything of any real value. Previously, iMovie was a brilliant piece of software that I used to edit movies up to minutes long, including my own instructional videos and a friend's audition pieces for film schools. It was easy and intuitive. The latest version seems to have been designed by people who have no understanding of what iMovie was or could be. Perhaps they are trying to get out of the desktop business and want to push iMac users to the iPad or iPhone. This does not suit creative people who need powerful functional software.

In any case, I am fortunate that I kept the older version which strangely is called iMovie '11 installed on my iMac. Otherwise, I would be totally snookered and this review would have decidedly more hostile tone. The inadequacy of the latest iMovie is one of the reasons why I will not be purchasing an new iMac anytime soon. I need to me certain that my computer is compatible with the functional versions of the Mac software, not the dumbed down iPhone-compatible versions.

Read reply 1. I had the same experience except mine was Did their support give you a way to rebuild the library? VERY counter inituitive, cluttered, no way to use without a Ph. D, useless, VERY disappointed Back it up if you want to download iMovie I know this isn't FCP. Not by a long shot.

But There's no way to put it nicely.

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I've never used an Apple product that I've hated so much as this. At least with the old iMovie I knew the limitations existed. With this new iteration of iMovie, things that were possible in the old version are gone! Want to move a clip? No simple drag and drop. This is a total piece of crap, and if I could downgrade I would.

I would sooner pay Apple to destroy this software than use it after this experience. I turned the semi-professional tool into a thing of child's play that no one should have to suffer through. The ONLY positive thing about the upgrade was that it was free. I hope Apple sees this and realizes they have failed us.

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The Apple forums are riddled with complaints about changes that don't save. I've had to recreate a project five times because the autosave function works only sporadically. Many of the type style and text changes revert to earlier versions after restarting the computer. Timing shifts, as well. Basically, you can't count on anything to stick. Also, your ability to customize design and type treatments is very limited in this program.

Controls are non-intuitive. File format limitations, especially if the files are on digital storage other than a camera. Limited and messy audio editing tools and functions.

Tutorials and support are completely insufficient, suggesting Apple developers did not consider this application worth discussion. I wouldn't pay a penny for this software. The selection tool alone is cause to declare this application a complete waste of time and energy. Unless you get pleasure from frustration, don't bother. Changes the timing of transitions and photos-and will not reset No matter what you try you can't reset them to what you want.

I have wasted many hours trying to get this program to do the simple things that it is supposed to. Search the Internet, you will find many people with complaints that this program simply doesn't work as advertised. It can be a real time waster.

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If you must use it, back up your work frequently and when it crashes, be prepared to go back and start from that point all over again. Updated on Sep 4, The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. At last, hit Enter, and wait for the extraction to complete.

Then close the Terminal program. So we have a new iMovie9. Right click on it and select Show Package Content.

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In the resulting folder, right click Payload and choose Get Info. Hit Enter and there will be a prompt. Click Add and we get Payload. Double click on Payload. Go into the Payload 2 folder, next Applications folder and Voila, the iMovie app is there! Right click the iMovie and select Copy iMovie.

Edit personal videos and share them.

Now open Finder and go to the Applications folder, right click on empty space and select Paste Item. Click Keep Both when prompts. To distinguish with the newer iMovie, it's better to rename it to iMovie 9. You could also drag and drop iMovie to the dock. You're all set! Ready to follow this tutorial, go to download iMovie 9. If iMovie is listed there, click on it and it will offer you the latest version of iMovie compatible with your Mac OS.

If it doesn't exist, follow the method above to get iMovie 9. If the above solution doesn't work on your Mac, the only option left is to go online to Amazon or other seller and purchase the iLife '11 DVD package to install iMovie 9. However, if you tried all methods but still failed, why not try an iMovie 9 alternative? There are many video editing applications like iMovie for Mac and Windows , Using a video editor that works on either Mac or Windows will value your movie making experience, and easily make movies no matter you're on a Mac or PC.

It was picked out because it's the video editor most like iMovie 9. Try it now for free. When iMovie 10 was released, iMovie was completely redesigned. From many people's view point, the new iMovie is simpler than iMovie 9. For example, iMovie 9 allows detailed adjustments in color correction, filter effects, audio mixing, etc. But you could not now use Events in the latest version of iMovie. The problem is that professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X cannot recognize any capture without timecode.

This can cause a capture to not be recorded or to stop for no reason during the middle of a videotape transfer. For those who are using both Mac and Windows, download the best iMovie alternative for Mac and Windows here.